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About Disputes & Litigation

The expertise the legal team has in dispute resolution and litigation is extensive. It is important to find a speedy and amicable resolution to your legal matter. We have covered a wide range of civil litigation areas in our history of practising law. Our aim is to always attain a mediation process rather than getting into the courts.

Our Lawyer’s have extensive experience in the disputes, resolution and litigation processes in the Queensland Court of Appeal, Queensland’s Supreme Court, District Court and Magistrates Court as well as the Federal Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

We provide assistance and laymen advice during all steps of the proceedings, starting with considering your claim or defence, followed by drafting pleadings, completing disclosure, conducting any necessary interlocutory applications, trial preparation, trial and post-trial recovery and enforcement steps.

We aim to resolve disputes between parties through due process. Mediation is advised and implemented to assist in coming to a dispute resolution quicker between the parties.

A conflict resolution is something that has a much deeper legal requirement. The conflict can take make longer to resolve.

Commercial lawyers Gold Coast is well placed and experienced to assist you in any conflict resolution litigation or dispute matters.

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